Ski Season is officially here. Kick off your ski season with the SkiSkootys family

The season is upon us!

Several of our favorite ski areas and ski resorts are now up and running with the remainder of them set to start running by Mid-November and through December.

While we can’t tell you which location to head to, we can share some info that might help you choose for yourself. While preparing for our own winter trips, we came across some industry news that helped us plot our path.

Here’s some things to consider:

When do you plan to go?

It goes without saying, that timing is everything when it comes to planning your winter getaway. If you’re trying to hit the slopes early in the season—Accuweather predictions suggest you might want to head west first. Forecasts predict above-normal temperatures through December for the east coast with a more ideal temperatures coming in January. Still need to check out opening dates? OnTheSnow has you covered with listings across the US.

Powdery or icy?

While characteristics will vary by area, the general consensus is that the west coast will give you powdery snow while the east coast is more icy. Why is that, anyway? According to the folks at Accuweather, it’s a combination of factors including elevation, proximity to the coasts and oceans, temperatures and storm fronts. So which is better? Powder or ice? You tell us!

Tried and true or new and improved?

Whether you want to stick with the tradition or experience the latest offerings, you’ve got options. Colorado ski areas have stepped it up a notch this season. The area boasts six new chairlifts across five ski areas, six new dining options and two terrain expansions.

“Colorado is once again leading the ski industry with significant investment in lift infrastructure for the 2018-19 winter season,” said Melanie Mills, President and CEO of Colorado Ski Country USA. “Guests to Colorado Ski Country member ski areas will experience new chairlifts, new terrain, new lodging, new dining options and multiple offerings that are directed at those newer or returning to the sport and those that may just be looking to enjoy the mountain environment.”

Where are you headed this season? We want to know! Send us your photos!  You can post us and tag us on instagram