I tested SkiSkootys thoroughly and they compare very well with other brands. Even though they are a bit bulkier than CatTrax, they are definitely less bulky than Ski Tracks and obviously more durable.
Brent Amsbury
Certified Podiatrist
Park City Ski Boot
I am so impressed with SkiSkootys. I have used Cat Trax for years but they don't make walking any easier and are prone to breaking. Your product is beautifully engineered to make walking much easier. Also, your system for fitting to any boot size is ingenuous. Thank you for a great product and great customer service.
John Igleheart
Columbia, Missouri
I tried SkiSkootys and they were impressive. Nice rocker sole and easy to put on and take off. SkiSkootys are official sponsors and are recommended by Masterfit University.
Steve Cohen
Masterfit Enterprises
Ski Skootys make walking in ski boots feel effortless. When my boots aren't clicked into bindings, they've got Ski Skootys strapped on. Even while having lunch with guest in the Roundhouse at Whistler. There's no going back to Cat Tracks. Why walk, when you can Skoot.
Evan Taylor
Whistler, BC
Finally, I can walk a distance with a back pack and two pairs of skis over my shoulders and not worry about my boot sole protectors falling off in mid stride...thanks for a great product!
Mike Braun
Far West Race Service
I have tried SkiSkootys and I am convinced that they are the best boot sole protector around. Easy to put on and walks very nice.
Koen De Zutter